The Mother Tongue Project creates and supports relevancy and relationship based literacy education for teen parents. Mother Tongue Project offers support for pregnant and parenting teens in high school. Mother Tongue Project sees teen parents as students who are especially motivated to reengage with their educations. We strongly believe in creating a culture of encouragement, high standards, and academic achievement for our students and their children. The Mother Tongue English Class meets for 1-1.5 hours daily at Capital High School for the duration of the academic year. Students meet with their mentors for 1-2 hours twice each month. Mother Tongue actively seeks former teen parents who have gone on to achieve college degrees and professional successes to serve as mentors. Three integrated programs form the Mother Tongue Project:

Mother Tongue English Class is a college preparatory class tailored to critical thinking, reading, writing and expression.

Mother Tongue Library is a diverse, high-quality collection of literature that addresses issues of sexuality, teen pregnancy and parenthood, shifting identities, sexual politics, and the roles of maternal voices.

Mother Tongue Mentors is a community of former teen parents who have achieved academic, professional, and personal goals, and who mentor current teen parents as real-life role models.

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