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Alexis' Mentorship through Inspire Santa Fe

April 26, 2018

Alenna's Mentorship through Monte del Sol

April 26, 2018

Alenna’s mentorship is an example of how sometimes the things that are the hardest to make happen are worth the effort. Finding a rock-climbing mentor for Alenna was a challenge as it is a popular area and we already had matched several students with our rock climbing Mentor who couldn’t take on more.

Undeterred, Alenna kept checking in with the Mentorship Office, and her perseverance inspired the staff to keep searching. Professional rock climbers are often out in the field leading groups. It was clear that a tag team would be the best solution and Alenna was so excited when Wilderness Guide, Sandra Corso and Misty Blakesley from the Santa Fe Mountain Center agreed to do just that.

Alenna learned so much more than climbing. She says: “I learned how important it was to just breathe when you’re overwhelmed. Panicking doesn’t get you anywhere. Realizing and accepting that you’re scared is the first step. The second step is deciding how you’re going to act on that fear. Do I want to keep moving forward or just give up? Do I want to conquer that next move that’s really scary and hard, or do I need a break?”

Alenna shared that the most challenging experience was just believing in herself. She learned to have faith in herself and her abilities. She says that from the first day she knew she’d love climbing, but by the end of the year she validated her love for it, sharing how much she loved the ways it challenged her and helped her grow.

She continues: “Climbing taught me to value the little things in the world— to value the company of others, instead of materialistic things. I love climbing outdoors because it’s the time I get to get away from my normal life and explore. Leaving town for a day to go outside really puts your life in perspective. Being outside made me love life.”

Miguel's Mentorship through Monte del Sol

April 26, 2018

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” ~Angela Schwindt

Mentorship happens all over Santa Fe. Many people think that engaging in a mentor role will solely benefit the mentee. However, learning is a two-way street in mentoring relationships between youth and their mentors.

At Monte del Sol Charter School each student has the opportunity to engage in two mentorships before they graduate. Giselle and Judy, director and assistant director of the Mentorship Program, work with 150 students each year to ask about their interests and find a mentor in the community who will explore their passions with them. The pair design a project together which is shared in the spring at a three-day Festival of Learning.

One such student, Miguel, is working with Bob Witsenhausen. Miguel and three fellow students are all engaging in a Mentorship with Bob to play and record Sierreño, a cord-heavy and difficult sub-group of ‘Norteno’ music (from the northern part of Mexico).

Miguel says that, “thanks to this mentorship I have realized what I want in my future because what Bob does is something so amazing. It takes a lot of effort to just record a song and I feel like I have that same passion for music as Bob does.” Miguel has found it to be an inspiring experience to go through the process of recording their own song. He says that it, “feels good when that song is done —after all the hard work, it has finally paid off.”

Despite his extensive repertoire and the multiple musicians he has worked with over the years, this musical genre was a first for Bob. He learned Sierreño while mentoring Miguel and his peers in recording and production. Miguel said, “I was glad that we were the first ones sharing our music with him and introducing him to Sierreño.”

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